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Welcome to lesbiansimulator.com and at this site you will find that we are exclusively centering in on the very best, lesbian simulators the adult internet has to offer as of today. If you aren't already familiar with simulator games it's all about simulating real-life exercises like for example driving a car or living the life of someone other than you. And with this in mind the lesbian simulator industry has tried to put as much naturalness into your experience as humanly possible.

Lesbian Simulators are the future of adult gaming

Simulated lesbian porn games are quite different from any of your more common arcade games so to speak and require much more sense of direction to follow and inquire about. You'll be really happy to hear that the most top rated simulators can be very educational as well. And as you already know, we are concentrating on lesbian simulators which only stick to characters, themes and story-lines that exclusively deal with lesbian identity.

Why This Is The Best Simulator For Lesbians

Over the years the lesbian dating simulator games have actually gone from being rather simple, poorly illustrated with almost next to none sex scenarios and different options to choose from. But as of today the level of realism and preference has increased easily over billion times. Here at lesbiansimulator.com we have come to the conclusion after plenty of research that the 3D lesbian simulator games are over and beyond superior.

With 3D lesbian simulators you can luxuriate in first-class "girl-on-girl" interaction with fluid 3D movements containing the most realistic, life-like models you've ever laid eyes on. You can literally get lost in the spectacular experience of lesbian simulators which have the capacity to make you relate to something that's a daily part of your life.

You can also choose from awesome virtual sex toy, virtual lesbian sex and teledildonics, lesbian simulator games that is sure to blow your mind. We have also noticed there are requests for lesbian romances/visual novels written into the simulated, lesbian porn games with subplot options and vast dating aspects. Here are a few titles of lesbian dating simulator games to pick from together with a short description!